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    Gridview1rowupdating vb

    bt in the following event what code i have to type please explain in vb.net: Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. I'd then run that in Query Analyzer and verify that my update is successful. Also, you should throw a Try/Catch around your Execute Non Query method. If your query is going through, then I'd fire up Sql Profiler and see what exactly is being sent to the database.here's the sample: UPDATE LUPON SET FIRST_M = '@FIRST_M' WHERE MYID = '@MYID' please help me : D Sir Thanks for your reply :) but I encounter some problems :( the fields in the table were here: REGION_C PROVINCE_C CITYMUN_C BARANGAY_C LAST_M FIRST_M MIDDLE_M SUFFIX_M SEX_C -- in dropdown form in datagrid POSITION_C -- in dropdown form in datagrid also I follow the code that you right but the command. Is primary key required sir in updating those data? In //there are six defined parameters in update statement command = New Ole Db Command("UPDATE tbl LUPON_C SET LAST_M [email protected]_M, FIRST_M [email protected]_M, MIDDLE_M [email protected]_M, [email protected]_M, [email protected]_M, POSITION_C [email protected]_M", connection) //below code adds four parameters - You have to add two more parameters for SEX_M and POSITIION_M. Which is better to do, to add, edit and delete on the gridview or I should select one and put the data on the textboxes and their is the time I can edit some data? the Primary key is editable, how can I set the Unique_C (Primary Key) to be uneditable? after I clicked the Update on the gridview, the table doesn't appear anymore. Hi sir :) I made a sample of the code you gave to me :) and it's right :) I can update the record. Custom Grid View Control With Update Panel Hello, I am working on the front end for an enterprise level application, it is a requirement that we build a custom control library and one of the controls is a Grid View, which inherits from the Grid View type. NET Control (like: Text Box, Button...) to Web Custom Control. Alphavn That's called a composite control -- "Mark As Answer" if my reply helped you -- Hello Guys What gunteman said, that is one approach and in most cases the right one. Custom Controls I'm interested in managing users. Is, for example, the Login control aimed at newbies to . Should it be used for the larger projects with thousands of...I have two custom Grid Views on one page each placed within their own Atlas update panels that have there Updatemode property set to conditional. NET, why is when I create a datawindowcontrol custom control that any reference to it is like (assuming that u_dw is the name of the DW control): custom_control.u_dw. But its also possible to add child controls to a Control thats inherit from Web Control itself. Update panel, user controls and custom controls Hi, I'm having problems with the update panel and post backs, basically I've created a custom date control which allows the user to select the date and updates when the month is change to display the correct number of day for that month.Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Row Updating sqlqrystrng = "UPDATE temp_zone set zone_id = @zoneid, zone_name = @zonename WHERE auto_id = @autoid" Dim strautoid As String = Grid View1. You Have to Try this Dim strautoid As String = Grid View1.

    gridview1rowupdating vb-23gridview1rowupdating vb-35

    Dim dt = CType(Session("dt"), Data Table) 'Update the values. Connection = conn2 sql = "SET DATEFORMAT dmy; SELECT * FROM XXXX " cmd. Execute Reader() Dim Temp Staff Key As Integer Dim Temp Post Key As Integer Dim Temp Shift Date As Date Time Dim Temp Start Time As Date Time Dim Temp End Time As Date Time Dim Temp SL As String Dim Temp Roster Key As Integer Dim Temp VL As String Dim Temp ML As String Dim Temp PH As String Dim Temp APH As String Dim Temp TOIL As String Dim Temp Others As String Dim Temp Shift Type As Integer Dim Temp Submitted By As Integer Dim dt As New Data Table() dt. Add(New Data Column("Staff Name", Get Type(String))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Post Code", Get Type(String))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Staff Key", Get Type(Int32))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Post Key", Get Type(Int32))) 'Monday dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_Roster Key", Get Type(Int32))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_Shift Date", Get Type(Date Time))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_Start Time", Get Type(Date Time))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_End Time", Get Type(Date Time))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_SL", Get Type(String))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_VL", Get Type(String))) dt. In my VB Gridview, I had bind several column from datatable into one single column of the gridview. The following is the VB code: Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Edit Event Args) 'Set the edit index. Bind Data() End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Canceling Edit(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args) 'Reset the edit index. Edit Index = -1 'Bind data to the Grid View control. But I have no idea how to get those value when doing Row Editing & Row Updating. Bind Data() End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Update Event Args) 'Retrieve the table from the session object. Find Control("Your Label ID"); Dim strautoid As String=lbl.In this article, We will see how to use Grid View control in VB. We will use SQL Client data provider to provide database connectivity. Edit Index = -1 'Bind data to the Grid View control. Sql Command Dim sql As String Dim reader As System. Sql Command Dim sql3 As String Dim reader3 As System. Hi Gurus , It happened to add an extra Gridveiw Header in row_databound event , It did worked fine on ! Can any expert post some pointers , differnces between grid row_created vs row_databount with some sample table data created dynamically behaviour of both the events in ! But again, when I hit the "Edit" button in the first column (the Command Field column) . Quick google search guided me to move the event to Row_Created event and every thing is okay . Thanks a tonne in Advance and any inputs will be valued and appreciated . I do notice that if I break within the Grid View1_Row Data Bound event during a refresh of the page, the values are there. Have you replaced "label ID" with "Label1" or "Label2" depending on which label it is that you're looking for? Text() End Sub @VPartap Singh Salathia That means that the find Control method isn't finding your control. Text() instead of this ,try below Table Cell cl = Grid View1. Before you can use any classes related to SQL Client data adapter, we need to import the Sql Client namespace in your application by using the following using statement.

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